Hey, i'M fARAH

A born and bred Birmingham, UK based Graphic Designer. Bringing my passion for organisation and problem solving to deliver effective solutions to client needs. With previous professional experience as an IT Consultant at an Aerospace company, there is nothing more satisfying than bringing a client’s vision to life.

My desire to work in the digital world started when my dad taught me about spreadsheets at age 7. I've been obsessed with technology ever since (just ask my family) and feel privileged to have watched it grow in my lifetime. Now I can't wait to start making my own digital imprint on the world - one creative solution at a time.

Combining my in-depth love for digital it has ingrained a 'user-centered' design mindset which allows me to define focus when crafting unique creative solutions, so that they will consistently deliver to your audiences.

When I'm not at my desktop, I can be found baking, making jigsaw puzzles, learning to draw portraits, reading books, formatting for author friends or a million other things (I love constantly learning so even when I should be resting I'll be busy discovering something new!)

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Hard Skills

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Premiere Pro


Intermediate in HTML and CSS

Soft Skills


Project Management


Time Management




  • Avid baker (I was a finalist in 2017 for UCB Young Chef of the Year, and got a Michelin star chef judging my food - Glynn Purnell!)

  • Always had a puzzle addiction, this grew into collecting 3D Jigsaws of landmarks and I now have a shelf dedicated to showcasing them!

  • I'm a major book hoarder, my collection got so big I had my loft converted into a mini library.

  • I taught myself over 2 years how to draw portraits (the most I could ever do was a stickman so I have majorly improved since).

  • I love learning, even when I'm resting I'll find something to do like learn to embroider, design a website, learn Korean and so much more!

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